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Noeya Technology Limited., founded in 2003, is a professional manufacturer of double-sided and multilayer precision printed wiring boards. It covers an area of 10,000 square meters and enjoys beautiful environment and convenient transportation. With Professional management talents and more than 500 experienced employees (among whom 30% are engineers and technicians), we have over 4,000㎡ for day-output and 1,000,000㎡for year-output.


Products Categories
  • Keyboard Circuit Board Pcb
  • Blood Pressure Machine Pcb Circuit Board
  • 2 Layers ENIG Flexible-Rigid Printed Circuit Board
  • Led Light Aluminum Printed Circuit Board
  • Solar Inverter Pcb Board
  • Gsm Gprs Gps Pcb Module Manufacturer
  • ​wireless Microphone Circuit Board
  • ​Rigid-Flex Pcb Board Assembly
  • Transparent RGB Flexible 94V0 PCB for LED
  • SMT Rigid-Flexible PCB Board Assembly
  • EagleThermal Conductivity HASL 220V pcb
  • Thermal Conductivity Multilayer Layout Clad PCB
  • Automation Air Conditioner Controller PCB
  • Medical Equipment Monitoring System PCB
  • FR4 Wireless Communication Module PCB
  • Wholesales Electro Mobile Panel Solar PCBA