5G And PCB--Three

- Sep 11, 2018 -

Cake sharing for 5G equipment PCB will be determined by “Process + materials”. Upstream high-end materials are important, but process and design have a big impact on the final performance of PCB finished products. “Process + Materials” will share the industry added value which brought by 5G. The 5G high-frequency/high-speed board needs to be impedance controlled during the design process and needs to be implemented through a superb process. 5G equipment PCB performance requirements are extremely high, generally higher layer, area (large area, small thickness to diameter ratio), drilling accuracy (small aperture, plate alignment), wire (line width, line spacing), etc. The requirements require a higher process fit during PCB processing. At present, the PCB processing technology of Shennan Circuit and Hudian has been leading the world, with the processing layer up to 100 layers and the minimum aperture as low as 0.1mm.

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