Circuit Board Manufacturers Tell You How To Store Pcb Board

- May 28, 2018 -

When the PCB board is vacuum packaged and shipped after the final product inspection, for the bulk order board, the general circuit board manufacturers will do more inventory or prepare more spare parts to the customer, and then vacuum pack and store after each batch of orders is good. Waiting for shipment. Why is the PCB package vacuum packed? How to store after vacuum packaging? How long is its shelf life?

    PCB board storage and its shelf life:

    Why vacuum packaging PCB board? PCB makers attach great importance to this issue. Because once the PCB board is not sealed, the surface of gold, tin, and solder pads will oxidize and affect soldering, which is not conducive to production.

    So, how to store PCB board? The circuit board is not more than other products, it cannot be in contact with air and water. First of all, the PCB board can't be damaged by vacuum. When packing, a layer of bubble film is needed on the edge of the box. The bubble film's water absorption is better, so it plays a very good role in preventing moisture. Of course, the moisture-proof beads can not be less. Then classify the emissions and label them. After sealing the box must be partitioned, stored in a dry and ventilated place away from the ground, but also to avoid sunlight. The temperature of the warehouse is preferably controlled at 23±3°C and 55±10%RH. Under such conditions, the surface-treated PCBs such as gold, electric gold, sprayed tin, and silver plated can generally be stored for 6 months. Surface-treated PCBs such as Shenxi and OSP can generally be stored for 3 months.

    For PCB boards that are not used for a long time, it is best for the circuit board manufacturers to apply a layer of three anti-paint on them. The role of the three anti-paints can prevent moisture, dust, and oxidation. This will increase the shelf life of PCBs to 9 months.

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