PCB Circuit Board Price Influencing Factors

- May 22, 2018 -

The conventional factors affecting the circuit board price (circuit board price, circuit board cost, PCB price, PCB board price):

Layer number, board thickness, material, order quantity, surface treatment process, copper foil thickness, ink color, line width, minimum hole diameter, delivery date, etc.

A, the number of layers of the PCB circuit board

The number of PCB board layers represents several layers of independent wiring layers. With the gradual refinement of electronic devices, the requirements for the number of PCB circuit boards have also increased. At present, it is necessary to use ten-layer boards, twenty-layer boards, or even higher-layer PCB circuit boards to manufacture high-precision electronic products. Convergence circuit As a professional PCB circuit board manufacturer, it can manufacture 2-28-layer PCB circuit boards.

Regardless of whether the four-layer board, the six-layer board, or the eight-layer board, the board price is higher than that of the double-sided board. For example, an eight-layer circuit board price is about four times the price of a two-plane circuit board.


B, board thickness of PCB circuit board

According to different application areas of the PCB circuit board, the board thickness requirements for the PCB circuit board are not the same. For example, a chip in a bank card only needs a PCB with a board thickness of 0.1 mm, and a PCB board with a board thickness of 2.0 mm is not suitable. Convergence circuit can manufacture PCB circuit board with thickness of 0.2mm-5.0mm.

PCB board prices cannot be determined based on board thickness alone, and board manufacturers, sheet types, and board thickness all affect prices.


C, PCB circuit board material

A PCB circuit board that meets IPC standards and meets customer requirements also requires the use of many raw materials in the production process. Raw materials that affect PCB circuit board prices include CCL plates and inks.

Different types of sheets, the price varies widely, such as for the manufacture of high-frequency copper clad plate sheet Rogers (Rogers), PTFE, Arlon (Yaron), the price of such plates is ten times or even tens of FR-4 prices Times.

Different colors, different brands of ink, the price difference is relatively large. For example, the price of matte black ink is about three times the price of ordinary green ink, resulting in a price increase of nearly 100 yuan per square meter for a PCB with a solder mask color of dumb black.


D, order quantity of PCB circuit board

The greater the number of orders, the lower the PCB board price. The greater the number of orders, the higher the raw material utilization and production efficiency, the lower production costs, and eventually the price of PCB circuit boards.


E, surface treatment process of PCB circuit board

According to the use environment and quality requirements of the terminal electronic products, the surface treatment process of the PCB circuit board is different. The most common ones are spraying tin, OSP, sink gold, sink silver, and sink tin. The current surface treatment process of the converging circuit includes lead spray, lead-free solder spray, gold sink, OSP, sink silver, sink tin, gold finger gold (gold plating), gold finger gold (gold).


The specific factors affecting the PCB circuit board price (circuit board price, circuit board cost, PCB price, PCB board price):

PCB circuit board special process (such as half-hole plate, high-frequency plate, thick copper plate, blind buried plate, impedance plate, hard and soft bond plate, disk hole, countersunk hole, crimp hole, blue plastic, carbon oil, etc. ) will affect the manufacturing costs. In general, circuit boards with special processes will be much more expensive than conventional circuit boards. For PCB boards with special processes, the converging circuits can provide customers with highly competitive circuit board prices by optimizing engineering design and manufacturing processes, reducing manufacturing costs.

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