The Development Of PCB

- May 24, 2017 -

Printed boards evolve from single layers to double-sided, multilayer, and flexible, and maintain their respective trends. Due to the continuous development of high precision, high density and high reliability direction, shrinking volume, reduce costs and improve the performance of the printed circuit board in the future development of engineering of electronic equipment, still maintained a strong vitality.

Review on the future development trend of manufacturing technology of PCB production mainly is consistent, namely high density, high precision, small diameter, thin wire, fine pitch, high reliable, multilayer, high-speed transmission, light weight, thin direction, in the production at the same time to improve productivity, reduce costs, reduce pollution, small batch production of many varieties, adapt to the direction of development. The technical development level of printed circuit is generally represented by the line width, aperture, thickness / aperture ratio of printed circuit board

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